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Laurie Lei Haze (LLH) was

founded in 2012 & incorporated in 2015.

To date it has been featured and showcased in six fashions shows and multiple community vendor and pop-up shops.

the story behind the story

As my passion for Fashion grew and I started developing my skills, my family began to share more about how both my Grandmothers use to sew for them. Although both of my Grandmothers passed away when I was young, the joke has always been that their sewing talents skipped my parent's generation and was given to me.

When I decided that I wanted to start my own fashion line, I knew my Grandmothers had to be involved in some way. My first thought was to use butterflies. Butterflies have been my symbol for all of my family members that have passed away. The next question was what would be the name of my fashion brand?

That’s when I decided to get creative with my Grandmother's names. Combining all of our names together is how I created Laurie Lei Haze...

Laurencine, Ashley and Hazel


Laurie Lei Haze (LLH): noun

lOR-ee lee hAYz


A 2012 vision stemmed from a childhood passion


An gift shared through generational powers from two courageous, bold and stylish Caribbean black women 

– my grandmothers - Laurencine & Hazel


A quality brand known for displaying stylish, elegance and sophistication through its products


Driven by my love for fashion and its evolutionary trends


Rooted in legacy & my entrepreneurial dream to creatively make my mark on this world while paying homage to my butterflies




Ashley Marie Beatty

is a young fashion industry professional and entrepreneur, who established her fashion brand, Laurie Lei Haze by Ashley Marie, at the age of 18, during her first year in college.


Making her childhood dreams come true, to showcase and launch her first collections, Ashley hosted and produced her own fashion shows under her event-planning platform, ambProductions. Dream Big, Give Back and Build Partnerships, are the three cornerstones that make an ambProductions event. With a team of passionate, driven and like-minded entrepreneurs, ambProductions events provides a platform for each of them to showcase their talents, while being apart of an event that raises money for good causes and creates opportunities to establish beneficial partnerships.


As an up and coming ready-to-wear accessory and custom designer, Ashley creates garments for both men, women and babies. When asked to describe her designs, she states, "classy, elegant, chic, sophisticated and functional." As she continues to grow as a professional in the industry, Ashley is committed to expanding her brand awareness. 



Message from Ashley Marie:

"I chose to pursue fashion because it's an amazing art for self expression! I love watching my creations come to life, stitch by stitch, seam after seam. It is so rewarding to see and know that my garments/creations help to make people feel good about themselves simply because they feel good in them. Fashion is evolutionary! I love that it's constantly changing; that means it keeps me on my toes. Fashion is truly my passion and a part of my everyday life!"

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