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Designing Laurie Lei Haze products can fall into three different buckets…


Classic Traditions - LLH Originals - Trendy Graphics


  • Staying true to Ashley’s grandmother’s visions and creations, there are designs that are recreated based on an original piece. Ashley has worn and examined those pieces to create new patterns to develop new, fresh and modernized products. 

  • Strictly, the Baby Up-Right is a design created by Ashley. With excitement for the arrival of her baby cousin, she made traditional baby gifts a long with her own version of a fully clothed portable highchair. 

  • Our branded apparel is influenced by the trends while staying true to the Laurie Lei Haze brand. 

About Our Leather
Colorful Thread


QUALITY is the main element that we look for in the fabrics we select. We pride ourselves in knowing that our customers enjoy the feel of their products just as much the look and fit. 


Each and every Ready-to-Wear Accessory, Baby Product or Custom Piece is hand crafted and sewn by our designer, Ashley Marie. Dedicated to her craft, she is committed to being the sole designer and seamstress for LLH. All products are packaged and handled with care to ensure customer satisfaction. 

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