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Legacy Lives Here

is a movement honoring

the continuation of life lessons, drive, sophistication, talent, and treasures passed down from those before us.

When you support Laurie Lei Haze,

you support a universal movement

led by legacies.


Legacy no longer lives in the past.

Legacy Lives Here.

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Laurie Lei Haze Presents:

The Legacy Roundtable


Laurie Lei Haze CEO, Founder & Designer Ashley Marie Beatty sits down with

Ron Downes Jr. (@wheresdiggity) & Clare Sobon (@wyn_pr)

for an open conversation on what it truly means to leave a legacy.


You do not want to miss out on all the gems dropped between these three black entrepreneurs on February 28th!

The Legacy Roundtable
Laurie Lei Haze

The Legacy Roundtable